NK presents: Something Else
Visions of Couture by Beckmans
College of Design

The project

The senior students from the programs Fashion and Advertising & Graphic Design at Beckmans College of Design have, in collaboration with NK, explored and challenged predominating values in the fashion world. In fashion concepts and films, questions are articulated regarding the development towards faster paced and cheaper consumption. A clothing with short life expectancy has created a longing for an alternative: of taking the time necessary and being committed. Of more personal encounters and for more poetry. And for a modern luxury – a different couture.

The Advertising and Graphic Design students have written the scripts, directed and produced the films. They have also developed the communication concept, exhibition design, print and digital communication including the website and the smartphone application.

17 fashion concepts and 17 fashion films.

This website accompanies the exhibition Something else – Visions of Couture by Beckmans College of Design, January 27 – February 21, 2011, Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Beckmans College of Design and NK department store, Stockholm.

Place and time

In the big entrance, Ljusgården,
Thur 27 th of Jan – Sun 6th of Feb

Display windows towards Regeringsgatan,
Thur 27 th of Jan – Mon 21st of Feb


When Josef Sachs founded Nordiska Kompaniet in 1902 his ambition was to bring together the finest merchandise in the world under one roof. But that wasn’t all. In addition to exchanging money for goods, customers would also be offered much more, and at no extra charge. Nordiska Kompaniet would be what Sachs liked to call “a cultural and commercial theatre”. The rest is history.

The great department store

Today, his vision still permeates NK. The store’s six levels house over one hundred separate departments, each with its own distinct personality. International brand names, such as Hermès and Mulberry share space with well-known Swedish brands including Filippa K and Acne. NK’S success has been brilliant. In a century NK has been “The Great Department Store”. Here was the French couture salon for ladies and the English tailoring for men. NK’s French held their own fashion shows on a regular basis in Boberg’s dining room at the top of the department store.

Today, nearly half a century later, interest in the unique and hand-tailored come to life again. Couture has had a renaissance and NK commanded a few years ago, true to founder Joseph Sachs’s vision, eight of today’s Swedish fashion designers to create a high class fashion garment. And now begins a new collaboration with Sweden’s most creative and contemporary design college, Beckman College of Design. It is in the sum of all of these parts that explains why NK was and continues to be “The Great Department Store” for generations of Stockholmers.

Photos from the exhibition

View photos of the exhibition and from the vernissage at the opening night.

Look here tomorrow.


Students, Advertising and Graphic Design

The Advertising and Graphic Design students have written the scripts, directed and produced the films. They have also developed the communication concept.

Project Leaders: Petter Hanberger, Sheila, Johansson, Simon Svéd

Exhibition: Michelle Eismann, Åsa Hammarström, Matilda Sjunnesson

Sign Production: Robin Wiman, Graphic Design: Tomas Carlsten, Sture Pallarp

Print: Tomas Carlsten, Zorica Radovic, Sture Pallarp

Communication/PR: Johan Barrett, Zorica Radovic, Clara Tägtström

Trailer: Petter Hanberger, Joakim Lundin

Digital communication: Maja Bergström, Stina Källquist, Kaspar Prinz

Text Editors: Maja Bergström, Petter Hanberger, Zorica Radovic

Opening: Johan Barrett, Sheila Johansson, Simon Svéd, Clara Tägtström

Students, Fashion Design

Alexander Krantz, Anna Svensson, Ellinor Kellner, Emilia Engblad, Emmelie Karlström, Frida Seth, Isabelle Lundh, Josefin Arnell, Lynn Nadj Kullman, Madeleine Vintback, Maria Jenjé Lundqvist, Marie Jersild Viltoft, Martin Aaslund, Naim Josefi, Tini Andersson, Tove Jansson, Viktor Hjertén

Supervision, Advertising and Graphic Design

Programme Director, Advertising and Graphic Design, Annika Berner

Tutors, Advertising and Graphic Design:
Anton Granström, Creative Director
Henrik Hallgren, Director of Film
Kersti Grunditz, Editor and Director of Film
Kristofer Eidelöf, Project Manager, PR
Tor Rauden Källstigen, Digital Strategist
Martin Löfqvist, Digital Strategist
Simon Anund, Designer
Henrik Nygren, Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design
Axel Lewenhaupt, Web programmer

Loffe Palmgren, Senior Lecturer, History, Theory, Context

Supervision, Fashion Design

Programme Director, Fashion Design:
Göran Sundberg

Tutors, Fashion Design:
Maria Ben Saad, Senior Lecturer Fashion
Sarah Törnqvist, Lecturer Fashion Design
and Illustration
Carita Brodd, Senior Lecturer Fashion Form
Sanna Kvist, Senior Lecturer Fashion Form
Pär Engsheden, Designer

Cooperation partners

Nordiska Kompaniet:
Camilla Wallander, Marketing Director
Sofie Stenbeck, Project Manager

Linus Gottfridsson, Co-ordinator
Ulf Modén, Visual Merchandiser
Kaj Primus, Constructor


Thanks to:

Nordiska Kompaniet
Ljud & Bildmedia
Guido Hildebrand at Delight studios
The Chimney Pot
Elite Model Management
Stockholmsgruppen Models
Mikas Stockholm
Arctic Paper
Wassberg & Skotte
Axel Lewenhaupt
Indy Neidell, voice over
Jazz band, members Fride Hanberger (alto saxophone),
Johan Åström (trombone), Andreas Henningsson
(double bass) and Mats Mæland Jensen (percussion)
Voices Places Faces
Svenskt Guld & Silversmide
Boys Don’t Cry
Kanon Organic Vodka
Nordic Transport
VK13 and M13 at Beckmans College of Design
Porters and the IT office of Beckmans College of Design


For more information:

Sofa Hulting, press secretary
Beckmans College of Design

Phone: +46 8 660 20 20
Mobile: +46 73 386 69 69


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